Mixing the Lippie

Hello lipstick lovers !!

I absolutely love mixing lipsticks together. In the past I have brought unflattering lipsticks but I have learned to turn trash into treasure by mixing them with other colors to create an awesome shade. I don’t discriminate when it comes to brands of lipstick. I love everything from Wet and Wild to NARS. In this post I am going to show you how I mix NYX Sandstorm with 3 different types of lipstick giving us 6 different looks, the original color of the lipstick and the personalized color (the original color+ NYX Sandstorm= your custom color). The colors I chose for this post are MAC Midnight Troll, MAC Flat Out Fabulous, and MAC Relentlessly Red. I love all these colors but it good to know how to switch up your lip color without having to buy new lipsticks. I challenge you ladies to create your own personalized color. I would love you all to submit a selfie using #theHawtthorneeffect


MAC Midnight Troll

The top two pictures are the original colors of the lipstick and the bottom two are the custom colors I made with Sandstorm.


MAC Flat Out Fabulous


MAC Relentlessly Red


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