The Best Fitness and Health Apps for IPhone or Android 

When you see a new app on your social media timeline what do you usually do? If you are like me then you tend to download and sign in to useless apps once and never use it again. You may go back and delete the app once you find out your storage is full. But no need to keep using your storage for useless health and fitness apps. I’ve made a list of the apps that I use on my IPhone that meets every fitness and health need of mine. 

Nike +Run Club is an app I use on my walks. It keeps track of the distance and calories that you burn during your workout. 
Fitness Pal is great for monitoring your food and calorie intake. They have every food you can think of, over 5,000,000 foods. This app lets you track your water consumption as well. Being that they are the number one fitness and health app 4 years running I don’t see why not use this app. 
Fitbit is a step tracking app and you would need a Fitbit in order to have use for this application. I have the Fitbit flex and was actually lucky enough to have caught it on sale at Target for $39.99 before taxes. But they have different styles of Fitbits as well. (Click on links below to purchase your Fitbit today)

Fitbit Flex automatically tracks all-day activity, distance, calories burned & sleep. The LED display lights up as you progress toward your goal.

Fitbit Alta HR does the same thing as the Fitbit Flex but can send you notifications and reminders to move as well. 

Fitbit Blaze : Smart fitness watch 

Diet bet is an app that people use to lose weight and win money! How awesome is that?! If you lack motivation and want to lose weight what more motivation do you need than that green paper? It’s very simple you choose the challenge or “pot” you want to place your bet in, each challenge has a set amount that you have to place in the pot in order for your name to be listed in the challenge. Most challenges only require you to loose 10% of your weight. And at the end of the challenge the winners split the pot and the losers get nada. You can also open your own bet and have people sign up for your challenge. Do you feel like this is something you want to be apart of? Sign up by clicking the link DietBet 

Step bet is the same as DietBet except with this app they have challenges you can join that allows you to win money if you reach your step goal. 

YouTube: The Daily Burn is a channel on YouTube that has great workout videos for every part of your body. 

Links to find everything on this post

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