Free Resources for Beginner Bloggers and Business Owners 

Hello Ladies and Gents! I just finished up some accounting homework and decided to work on this blog post, to touch on some questions I get frequently. “How did you get a website?” And “How much does it cost?” It doesn’t matter if you are starting your first business or blog, you will end up coming out of your pocket for something eventually.Even though you will come into times where it will require you to spend a little money in order to make money you still shouldn’t put your dream on hold because you are not financially capable as you would like to be. There are countless types of free resources you can use to get your blog or business started. Here are some of my favorite applications I use that cost little to nothing to have.
Big Cartel is a web based, fully hosted software. Business owners around the world have used Big Cartel for decades. This software has simple tools where you can build a customized online store, manage and sell your product and run your business however you wish. Big Cartel has features like search engine optimization, order management and promotional tools to get a small business up and running. Big Cartel is mobile friendly, so you can manage your shop anywhere. Me and my sister personally use it for Pink Velvet and we have no complaints so far.

Want the Big Cartel app? CLICK HERE

PayPal is a great way to send money back and fourth to family and friends. But you can use it to send professional, personalized invoices to customers as well. I use PayPal for the Pink Velvet invoices for the unconvinced Big Cartel people. It is a great way to keep track of everything.

Get the PayPal app for iOS HERE 

Canva is a graphic application that has easy to use features and is accessible enough for everyone. I use Canva for my Pink Velvet promotional graphics and for my blog graphics.

Get CANVA from the App Store HERE

WordPress is a easy blogging and website creation tool. This blogging and website platform is free for my beginner bloggers and entrepreneurs but they have some upgraded packages starting at 2.99 per month to 24.92 per month. I use WordPress to publish and manage my blog and I absolutely love the easy to use features.

Get the WordPress app HERE 

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