About Us!

Hello! We are the Hawthorne Sisters! Audreanna Hawthorne is the oldest (25) and Donna Hawthorne is the baby sis! (22) Both are lovers of life fashion and family. We designed this blog to share the love that we have for sugar, spice and everything nice. Don’t be shy take a look around.

“She turned her cant’s into cans and her dreams into plans.”

Where does the name HAWTthorne Effect comes from?

HAWTthorne Effect comes from the actual phrase “Hawthorne Effect” which means a phenomenon that produces an improvement in human behavior or performance as a  result of increased attention from superiors, clients or colleagues. In our case this blog is an outlet for us to explore ourselves, and take on something we never tried before. Allowing ourselves to be placed in the front in order to be noticed, taking every good and bad critic and polishing ourselves with their judgment. Making everything a learning experienced and never letting “them” see you sweat!

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